Lazy Person’s Tidying

Look at this big pile of messy cords! It is so beautiful.

I devised a wonderful system to help myself organize. It is called “Everything Goes in One Place”. It doesn’t take a lot of work, but it is very effective.

This life changing* idea came from all the little cords for cameras, phones, printers that seem to keep accumulating in my life. In my last great purge I said, “hey, if I have one place to put all the cords, I’ll find the cord I need when the time comes.” And so I did. And I do.

I don’t worry about organizing the cord bin. That is just way too much work.  I just throw them in there. At the end of the day, I know where they go and I know where they are.

I’ve been doing this with pencils and pens, too. What a life changer. I love finding stray pens now. They just go in the pen can.

img 20160306 1745202

*I understand that you, the talented, organized person you are, think this is small potatoes, obvious and easy, but for the perpetually cluttered, this was a big step for me.


Published by Sonja

Hey! I am creating this blog for my CSIT class through Miracosta College! I am actively learning about ecommerce and all the great tools available to me through the interwebs.

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