I dropped a magnet on the floor this morning. It skittered across the tile and came to stop much like any other object. But it isn’t any other object. A magnet acts very different in the presence of something metallic. To see it behave like a normal pebble was suddenly so odd.

I wonder about humans and this property in ourselves. Are we an average pebble skipping across the ground until we find something that makes us act in the most unusual, bizarre fashion?

This could be a positive thing – this new behavior is energetic or exciting. It could be a negative thing – one becomes listless and unimpassioned.

I like the idea of our secret power being hidden, even to ourselves, until we find the right set of circumstances to activate it.

Published by Sonja

Hey! I am creating this blog for my CSIT class through Miracosta College! I am actively learning about ecommerce and all the great tools available to me through the interwebs.

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