Studio Escalier : Week 1 Update

This week has been an incredible learning experience. I am delighted to know that I have 9 more.

I think the major improvement in my work thus far is the general proportionality and depth of my figures. Without going into detail about the training and process, I find that I am able to see the figure in a far more intense, in depth and careful manner. One of my favorite notions this week is that prior to photography artists, generally speaking, had no concept of a flat picture plane. They considered their figure in a sculptural manner.

The below photos are technical drawings completed thus far. I find I am constantly running out of time with a pose. I think about high school students who want to rush through everything. Can you guys imagine – most of these drawings took me 40 minutes and they aren’t anywhere near RESEMBLING a finished product. I could easily spend another 3-25 hours on each pose.  

I feel very comfortable in the atelier environment and the magical pursuit in which I am engaged. Much of what I am learning speaks to ideas I seek not only in my artwork, but in life. I hope to do away with this imaginary veil that separates us from one another and the universe as a whole. Our worlds exist because of our whole, not our individuality. Our diversity or juxtaposition provides contrast that allows clearer vision.

I feel less afraid about my future and finding secure employment. I can honestly say that my only goal is to pursue the joy and integrity of an artistic life. I firmly believe this is where my greatness lies. Otherwise what on earth is the point?

I ordered two books this week: Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic and Pema Chodron’s lecture Fail Big, Fail Better. Preparing…

Argenton-Chateau is lovely and quiet. I find that I am immersed in my own retreat. There is no urgency to my life and that is a gift of unspeakable value. Yoga, meditation, long walks, short runs and creative pursuits are a part of my daily routine.

I did purchase a wedding dress prior to this trip, so no more pain au chocolat for now.



We began with whirlygigs – They turned out to be pretty awesome once I learned how to use them properly.









Probably my best work so far. I feel pretty good about it. A few of the concepts that were taught really sunk in for this drawing.





This and the above two photos were my last drawings of the week. I think my brain started to shift into overdrive and things began to fall apart. 


I don’t know who this guy is, but I am going to find out. There are at least two of him. Right now, I call him Mr. Umbrella Pants.


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