Studio Escalier: Week 2

Life in Argenton Chateau is very peaceful.  I have been running regularly and taking very long walks with my roommate. (She has been the perfect match and I am so grateful.) This week I earned myself a wine and cheese dinner.

The wine aisle in the grocery store in incredible. There are at least 4 Grand Cru St. Emillion wines and they are all under 20 euro. I’ll be slowly working my way through the regions. Last week I focused on the Rhone Valley. Maybe I’ll mix it up with some Sancerre. The tiny little regions represented are so cool to see – Clairette de Die, Minervois, St. Joseph – in spades!

The drawings are coming along. I am really in awe at my own progress (I don’t think that’s vanity – just genuine delight!). I have gotten to the point where all drawings created previously (we will refer to this time period as Pre-SE) are mortifyingly off. I will accept them for what they are…stepping stones.

Here we have a series of 2.5 hour drawings from this past week. The model is so elegant, poised, statuesque and strong. I can’t imagine drawing anyone else again. These are still technical drawings, in stages of development. In the coming weeks they will continue to grow in complexity. Click on the image to see a larger version. I know the colors are terrible. I don’t really care enough to fix that. And there are plenty of messy things happening in the below artwork. I’m sharing my progress, not my perfection.





On Wednesday we began painting. Now in this realm I am COMPLETELY inexperienced. I paint, have always painted, but it has been many years since I’ve used oils, never this high of quality (or variety of color) and I have never given a hoot about representational colors. I think that I will make progress quickly but woa.



This is my first attempt at a figure painting in the poster style. Tolerable would be my assessment.



This painting was corrected 100 ways by the instructor. Very grateful, something to strive for. Not my work.



This morning I completed this practice still life to continue working on technique. Homework!



This is where I spend my days.


There is always some delightful detail waiting to be noticed…

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