Week 4: Plugging away

We were so lucky this week – a 5 day drawing pose! I think they get longer from here on out. There are so many little improvements. These lead to such a deeper level of critique.

In the painting realm we shifted to a new technique. This is far easier for me to approach and I’m feeling much better about my work. It isn’t really all that great yet, but I’m seeing a brighter horizon. Homework was to paint an egg, as you can see below. I’m still too self conscious to post pictures of my in class paintings. Maybe next week.

At the end of next week I will be halfway through the course!

This week I participated in a game of Ultimate Frisbee. I have never gotten so much exercise in such a short period of time. I sprinted over 5 miles and I am hooked. I’ve already started looking at San Diego pickup games. I’m getting ready to head out for another round in an hour!

Last night was potluck night in our student housing. It was absolutely beautiful. Everything you could want for a potluck in the French countryside. Cool air, beautiful food, great wine and lovely people.

I’m missing my kitties, Daniel and not much else. I’ve built up to 25 minute runs every other day and 53 pushups. I’m starting to daydream about my life at home and how I can maintain this environment. I’m not sure it’s possible.

approximately 10 hours


Now I wear hats. Painting gear, ready to go.
Brushes and palette.




This is my egg study. I won’t say it’s awful, but there is a lot to be desired. Practice.


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