Giving Back

May 2, 1pm is the beginning of the “Buy a Painting, Buy Lunch” sale:

I wasn’t supposed to be painting right now. I’ve spent the past year teaching 90 minutes from my home. I’ve had little time to myself and painting was scheduled to resume on June 4th.

But Covid.

So here I am, home and painting nearly every single day. I feel as though I’m painting on stolen time that isn’t mine.

Additionally I am still receiving a paycheck as I teach students remotely.

So I’ve been feeling humbled and been feeling the urge to do something to help.

I’ve decided to sell all of the studies I’ve created in April and those I create in May and give all of the proceeds to local restaurants. The restaurants will in turn provide food for 10 people per $100 given. So I’ll be buying lunch for Julian. I’ve very excited about this and even relieved to find a way to help and give that fits into my nearly monastic lifestyle (self induced isolation has long been the norm).

I’d like to share some of the more ‘philosophical’ reasons behind this action.

My painting teachers have often repeated the phrase “make nothing precious” in various iterations. The idea is to look at the act of painting as practice, temporary, learning, transient. If I am too afraid to make another brush stroke, how will I grow? Keeping paintings precious prevents me from moving forward, fixing mistakes, wiping out entire paintings. I am wanting to stay in a place where my paintings are not precious, but drops of water in an ocean of experience that I will take on in my lifetime.

And so by selling these quickly, inexpensively and giving away the money, I feel I am putting this concept into a deeper practice. Letting go.

I am imagining monks brushing away the intricate sand mandalas created in days of patient practice.

Additionally, I am a student. I am early in my experience and the work I am selling reflects this. The paintings are small studies. They were done to hone my abilities: color choices, brush strokes, drawing, etc. They are not the greater paintings I envision, that I am preparing to make. I am happy to release them and call them what they are, experiences and rungs on a ladder. They are precious and beautiful in their finished state, deserving of love and attention, but I want to let them go so that I don’t find myself entranced by their beauty, lulled by their sweetness.

I look forward to supporting my community and deepening my practice. Thank you for your attention and support.

In love,


Beginning May 2 at 1pm, paintings are available to purchase at this link:

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