It feels strange to be writing this. As if I’m exiting a movie theatre to the very bright outdoor light. I’ve been cocooned from social media for an entire year and a great deal shifted because of this decision.

After a year of isolation both physically and digitally from the world, it is time for re-entry. But on my own terms.

For now I have made the decision to abstain from facebook and instagram. I have many reasons, but primarily I find them to be a pool of regurgitation that hampers my ability to remain autonomous, independent and creative.

In the time since I’ve left these platforms I have felt liberated. I am so grateful to be old enough to have experienced the world before social media, because I started to feel things I hadn’t felt in years. For the past year I have painted simply to paint. I didn’t worry about how many likes I might get, whether painters I respect would pay attention or even comment on my work. I also stopped seeing my world through the lens of posting a photo. I enjoy my garden and don’t fret about the reaction of my ‘friends’ online. I have also found myself making a conscious effort to stay in touch with people I care about. I might be a few weeks behind on important news, but I value our genuine exchanges far more than our exchange of likes.

I am, however, ready to start selling my work. At the minimum I do need a website presence. My hope is that pinterest, youtube and this blog will be sufficient to generate continued and supportive interest in what I do. I plan to market myself gently and genuinely to maintain maximum protection from groupthink.

Soon I will be sharing paintings and ceramic work on a regular basis. I look forward to reconnecting with the world in a more genuine fashion.


Published by Sonja

Hey! I am creating this blog for my CSIT class through Miracosta College! I am actively learning about ecommerce and all the great tools available to me through the interwebs.

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