Past Work


A struggling codependent in my early 20’s, I spent a great deal of time learning how to be my authentic self with others. So much of this art reflects the confusion and the freedom found with this liberation. As I find comfort in my being, my work has come to represent the empowerment and strength found in this journey.


Another symbol in my personal iconography. I find the barren, wintery tree to be an endless source of meaning and exploration. The act of painting the tree is extremely meditative and requires complete attention. I find myself lost in the branches and exploring the depths of my thoughts while helping the tree grow. I traditionally paint this symbol on a canvas that I have made from recycled wood pallets. The reuse and renewal from a discarded items, the potential regrowth and renewal of a tree that has lost everything but its core structure are reflective of a deeply rooted need to be reborn again and again until I have discovered truth, enlightenment, authenticity, reality.