Studio Escalier Weeks 7&8

I returned from break excited to jump into a two week painting and drawing. While I am improving in my work, I am also improving my ability to see what’s wrong with my work. This can be a frustrating balance as “good enough” really doesn’t make me happy. In drawing, I am beginning to discoverContinue reading “Studio Escalier Weeks 7&8”

Week 5, Vacay and Painting

Ok, I’m ready to share some painting with you. It isn’t pretty, but it is much better than it was. Don’t forget, you can click on pictures to make them bigger. But first… At the end of week 5 the students at Studio Escalier were blessed with a week’s vacation time. In my ultimate wisdomContinue reading “Week 5, Vacay and Painting”

Week 3: Painting is Hard

I don’t have a great deal of experience painting realistically. Ok, I don’t have may notice most of my figures are blue, purple or red. And I haven’t used oil paints in 10 years. This past week has been dedicated to the poster study. My job is to break the form into little abstract shapesContinue reading “Week 3: Painting is Hard”

Studio Escalier: Week 2

Life in Argenton Chateau is very peaceful.  I have been running regularly and taking very long walks with my roommate. (She has been the perfect match and I am so grateful.) This week I earned myself a wine and cheese dinner. The wine aisle in the grocery store in incredible. There are at least 4Continue reading “Studio Escalier: Week 2”