Clay on the Patio

Working in clay is absolutely one of the world’s greatest delights. I am excited to make this wonderful medium accessible to Julian! Join me on the patio for a fun workshop exploring this ancient artform. Next workshops will begin in July 2022.

Upcoming Workshops

Each workshop is $65. Register for all 3 for a 15% discount. If you like you can pay one at a time and your third class will cost $35.

10 spaces available. There are two sessions available per workshop, you’ll only attend one. Workshops are open to ages 13+. If you are interested in younger folk workshops shoot me an email and I’ll let you know when I’m ready to set that up.

Note: I’ve changed the evening session from 4pm to 5pm.

One of a Kind Mug – July 27 5pm (July 24th class is full) completed

Watch the process video!

Coil Vase or Pitcher – August 21, 10am or August 24, 5pm

Roll long coils and carefully wrap and wrap to form a vase! If making a pitcher you can add a handle and spout. PHOTOS COMING SOON. Sign up asap for your Saturday OR Tuesday space!

Keepsake BoxOctober 23, 10am or October 26, 5pm

We’ll start with slabs and construct a basic box the size and shape you want. Attach handles, interior walls and other pieces to make your box unique! Many uses from napkins to mementos.

If its too chilly this time of year I’ll move the class inside. October is hit or miss in Julian!

Register for a workshop

What to Expect

Prior to the workshop, you’ll receive an email preparing you for the day as well as some helpful videos. The day of, you’ll start with an overview of how to handle and join clay. Then, Sonja will demonstrate how to build the day’s project. You’ll plan your design and then get to work with Sonja’s assistance if needed. The decoration and shape of your object is up to you! Generally the workshop takes about 2.5-3 hours. Pick out your glaze from samples and pick up in 2-4 weeks time. Shipping is available for a fee.

Register for a workshop

Deb nailed it!


Do I need experience?

Nope. What you do need is patience. Clay is a fickle friend and it takes time to learn how to manipulate it. I will be there to guide you and help solve problems. Just be prepared that there may be a gap between your vision and its final execution. This is normal and never goes away in artmaking.

Is there anything I can do to be more successful?

Shortly before the workshops I’ll send you an email linking to a couple of videos outlining the basic skills and principals of working with clay as well as the entire project. Familiarize yourself beforehand to have a better grasp about what you’ll be doing. And really, letting go of expectations. Don’t seek perfection (which I could rant about for ages), seek to have fun. When it comes down to it you’re playing with mud. Clay is playful and primal. Also, attend as many workshops as you can! The more you work with clay, the more you’ll get a grasp on how to handle it. My one tip is to work with the focus of a surgeon. I know that sounds very serious, but the idea is to be attentive to your clay.

What if I have experience?

Then you already know how amazing clay is and I’m sure you’re eager to get back in the saddle. For the workshops you are welcome to move at your own pace, ignore my tutorial, etc. I won’t be insulted. As of now the fee structure will be the same whether you need my help or not. In the future I hope to offer open studio time as more students gain experience. In the future future I would love to open an art school in town! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Will we be using a pottery wheel?

Unfortunately, no. I have one wheel and a very small studio that I only just got settled into. So currently I am not offering throwing lessons. If you want to work on a wheel there are many outlets in San Diego County, including Borrego Art Institute, that offer lessons and access. I do not have a timeline for offering wheel lessons, but its in the back of my mind marinating.

Will I get dirty?

That is up to you! I’ve seen people work with clay and walk away spotless. When I work on clay it ends up in my hair, clothing and on my face. Clay will wash out but maybe don’t wear your silk dress.

What kind of facilities do you have?

The workshops are taking place in my home on the patio. For the summer heat I have shade cover and misters. If things get chilly I’ll pull out the heaters. There is one restroom inside the house. Feel free to bring snacks!

Do I need to supervise my 13-17 year old?

No, not really. I taught high school for 6 years and they’ll be fine. You can hang out in the garden, go home and take a nap or sign up and do the workshop with them!

Cancellation Policy

Full refund up to 5 days prior to the workshop. Because I have to prepare materials for each student any cancellation within 5 days will incur a $12 fee. Full refund if there is a replacement for your space. Discount will be taken out of refund if first or second course is completed and remaining courses are cancelled.

How do I register?

Send me an email with the names, number of people (and if under 18 their ages) and the date of the workshop you want to attend. I’ll email instructions for payment. You can use venmo, paypal or mail a check to reserve your space.

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