I strive to capture the sweetness of reality – to find pleasure and joy in the present moment. My work is a meditation on the present moment.

Painting from life, I find myself communing with the subject as I pour over its colors, shapes and shadows. Lost in the dance I lose all track of time and truly notions of limitation.

Working only in natural light, I work steadily to capture the light and truth of my subject. My work reaches into the past to learn from and practice with the old masters. I consider myself a craftsman, a painter dedicated to practicing the simple things they have passed down for generations. I hope someday to feel so strongly confident in my work to truly feel an artist.

In ceramics I practice this same dedication to the present moment. Carefully planning and executing my work is a lesson in patience, dedication and vision. There is nothing quick or instant in clay. I continue to slow down, turn inward, reflect and work.

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