I strive to capture the sweetness of reality – to find pleasure and joy in the present moment. My work is a meditation on the present moment. Painting from life, I find myself communing with the subject as I pour over its colors, shapes and shadows. Lost in the dance I lose all track of time and truly notions of limitation.

Working only in natural light, I work steadily to capture the life within my subject. My work reaches into the past to learn and practice with the old masters.


I believe the universe is conspiring to give me exactly what I need. In the past several years I have gone from teacher to student more than once. I am eager to remain in this realm of student, always learning, always growing. Over and over I have asked the universe to provide me with the opportunity to simply make art. For so long I have cried in anguish, “if only I could have enough time to just MAKE!”

Through miracles and hard work I have slowly cultivated a life in which I will be creating full time. I remain a humble student, eager to learn, eager to create.

I have fears. But I also have the utmost confidence in myself and my ability to work with diligence in achieving goals.

Please join me on my journey – subscribe to my blog “Seeking Joy” and check in regularly to see how things progress. I hope to inspire you to find your own purpose, passion and joy.


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